NIGHT SHIFT (vampires, werewolves and witches in urban Seattle)


Beat cop Cassie Hunt thinks she can hide from her paranormal heritage as a blood witch, until a murderer begins ritualistically taking fang, fur, blood and bone for a massive spell, beginning with Cassie’s warlock uncle. Cassie vows to catch her uncle’s killer – a vow that walks her back into her werewolf ex fiancé’s arms. When the murderer tries and fails to kill Cassie using vampire assassins, Cassie herself becomes a vampire. After her blood witch mother goes missing, Cassie must use all the magic in her blood and fangs to defeat the killer.
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SKIN: Book 1 in the Delsarto series

SKIN, David Delsarto, Supernatural Noir, Seattle, J.C. O'BrienWhen faced with a killer who can literally jump skins, Seattle Police Detective David Delsarto is forced to turn to Seattle’s supernatural community to help him stop the killer before he stops Delsarto – permanently. Delsarto battles the killer, the return of his mother’s violent and vengeful spirit and his wannabe girlfriend who says she can “read” the stories in his bones. Available on Amazon.

SIGHT: Book 2 in the Delsarto series

SIGHT, David Delsarto, Supernatural Noir, Seattle, J.C. O'BrienSeattle Police Detective David Delsarto finds himself in trouble with the department when he can’t stop a killer bent on removing the left eye and heart from her victims before the press gives her a name. But Delsarto discovers that his favorite one-eyed bartender has a secret — he can see the killings through the Stiletto Killer’s eyes as they’re happening. The FBI joins Delsarto in the attempt to stop this woman before she can fully express her twisted sense of love and connection. Available on Amazon.

RIFF: Book 3 in the Delsarto series, releasing 2017

When a cursed guitar proves lethal for every man drawn to play it, police Detective David Delsarto suddenly finds himself with an itch to play. On the way to finding someone capable of wielding its power, the guitar wends its way through Seattle’s dive bars and jam sessions, leaving death in its wake. Meanwhile, Delsarto’s girlfriend gets a destructive visit from his mother’s spirit that damages more than property — it threatens Trudi’s very essence.



“From Love to Dust,” short story, STATE OF HORROR: TENNESSEE ANTHOLOGY, Charon Coin Press