Belly dance

Jennifer OBrien, Mustafa Kandirali, B Sharp Coffee House, Tacoma Revue, Tacoma, Seattle, Washington
Dancing to Mustafa Kandirali’s Şen Çiftetelli at the B Sharp Coffee House during Kat Ross‘s Tacoma Revue.

Why is this here? Because writing feeds my dance and dancing feeds my writing. And without belly dance, I wouldn’t be able to do much at all — it helped me heal after three car accidents—and I’m currently healing from a fourth.

Back in the day, I danced with Amelia Moore‘s The Circle and the goth rock band Legion Within before taking a break from performing. I’ve recently stepped back onto the stage and am currently working on a few dance-inspired novels with a supernatural edge.

I’m taking time off from performing to heal. Hoping to update my performance schedule soon.

Want to learn to dance?

There are a number of tremendous teachers in the Seattle area. I’m happy to direct you towards a wide variety of learning opportunities and share news about upcoming workshops and shows. If you’d like to study with me, I teach a select number of students at 7pm on Monday and Wednesday nights in North Seattle. Some afternoon classes are also available, depending on your skill level. Email me at for more information.